Basic Subscription

  • Get Updates On The Newest

  • Listen to music

  • Purchase Awesome Products

  • Request Products

  • Personalized Shopping Profile


  With our basic subscription plan, our customers will receive updates when new products are added to the Sulaayman Sounds store, when new music is released and see upcoming events. With our Basic Subscription, you can send your request in to Sulaayman directly through our chat feature for products to be added to the site store for your convenience. With this basic plan you will also receive coupons on new products added to the website. You will have a personalized shopping section where you can save your payment method for future purchases, manage subscriptions and save items to purchase for later.  After you subscribe, you will see at the top right hand of the screen that you are able to sign up/ sign in with your Facebook or Gmail account. 


IG Campaign 

  • 3000+ Views & Likes

  • Every Post Active in 48 Hr.

  • M.E.G Group Access



  • Continue to IG Portal After Purchase

  • Register IG Account

  • Username and Password will be Sent via Email Upon Register

  • Login IG Portal



 With our Instagram Campaign plan, our customers can no reach a minimum of 3000 viewers on every post along with 200 likes. We promote our customers Instagram page through multi-services to enhance algorithms and hashtags on every post. Our methods range from incentives with colleges, non-profit organizations and with sponsorships with google ads. Activation of your Instagram Campaign will begin 48 hours after your order was placed, you will not need to do anything further besides post to your IG. Once you've placed your order continue to IG Login, (in the more Tab), and register you Instagram Username and emailed associated with your Instagram. Once you submit your Information, you will receive a email with a Username and Password to Login IG portal. The IG portal is created with ( for each customer for free. Customers can choice to upgrade there (Later) Account to see all real-time analytics for their IG account. Later account includes many features; such as , uploading from multi accounts, (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ). You can schedule a post for all accounts at once you can save bulk media photos , videos and more. See for more on their features. SEE MEMBER ACCESS PAGE*

M.E.G Membership

  • Network & Discovery

  • Grow Your Music

  • One-Time Fee

  • Upload Content From All Social

  • Media Accounts

  • Ability To Upload Content Via M.E.G


  M.E.G is a Music Exchange Group that allows new and upcoming artists, producers, & engineers to see each others works, collaborate, promote each others songs on social media accounts and simply stay in contact with one another. Here's how it works, you pay a one time fee of $9.99. Upon purchase, Download the Wix App. You will be automatically directed to the Sulaayman Sounds App via Wix. Open the app, and you will be able to view all other members, Follow, Like and Upload your content on M.E.G. Think of it as an Instagram for upcoming talent. You will be able to customize your profile, share videos, photos and other multimedia via links/ URL from all your social media accounts. SEE MEMBER ACCESS PAGE*

Beat Pool Plan

  • Access to 100 Beats

  • Royalty Free Sounds and Beats

  • Unlimited Downloads Wav. & Mp3

  • Music Exchange Group Chat Access

  • Cancel At Any Time

  • Copyrights as Requested (ECO Fee* 9 Beats $85)

  • Voice Tagged Beats

  • Access to Beats via Citrix File Share Online

  • Track Removed from Beat pool (Pre ECO request)

  • Voice Tag Removed (Pre ECO Request)

  • Producer Must Be Credited Upon Distribution & Sales *

  • Profitable

  • ISRC Provided




With our 100 Beat Pool Plan our customers can access beats made by Sulaayman. Our customers can choose the beats tailored to their craft whether it be for an upcoming album project, podcast, commercials or singles. Within our beat plan, customers are allowed to request license and full or partial copyrights. Full copyrights would remove the producer from all rights of the track being requested by the customer. Customers who request Full copyrights will receive a folder with all stem files, a certificate from the United States Copyright office and Wav & Mp3 files. Partial rights is when the producer will provide all stem files for the requested track(s) and voice tags are removed from each trach; however, partial rights means the producer (Sulaayman), must be credited upon all distributions and sales. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in a Class Action law suit; The principal criminal statute protecting copyrighted works is 17 U.S.C. § 506(a), which provides that "[a]ny person who infringes a copyright willfully and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain" shall be punished as provided in 18 U.S.C. § 2319. Beat Pool is updated as tracks are removed per Electronic copyright request (ECO). The Voice Tag...... (Sulaayman Sounds) will appear three times in each track. Voice Tags are not removed until ECO is requested. Within the Beat Pool Folder there will be a check out section. This section will notify the producer to remove the track from the beat pool. The download section will also notify the producer, however; the track will only be removed if checked out. PLEASE DO NOT CHECK A BEAT OUT UNLESS YOU ARE REQUESTING (ECO). There will be an $85 invoice sent via email per ECO request. This fee is to register all ownership of the tracks requested to the customer through the United States copyright office: SEE MEMBER ACCESS PAGE*

*eCO information*

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may register up to 10 unpublished works on the same application. To do so, YOU MUST SELECT the link for "Register a Group of Unpublished Works." Click here if you need help finding this link. Click here to watch a video that provides step-by-step instructions for completing the application for a "Group of Unpublished Works."


The "Standard Application" MAY NOT BE USED to register a "collection" of unpublished works. If you submit 2 or more unpublished works on the "Standard Application" the Copyright Office may register only 1 of your works and remove the remaining works from the claim. To register those works you will need to resubmit them using an appropriate application form.


See instructions below:


  1. Purchase Beat Pool Plan 

  2. Continue to Beat Portal and you will be redirected to Citrix File share

  3. You will receive a email confirmation and a URL to the Beat Pool Folder form Sulaayman via Citrix File share

  4. Create an account (Username & Password) 

  5. Access Beat Pool

  6. Check Out a Beat that your requesting to be removed 

  7. Download your Beat 

  8. Send in your request for either Full or Partial Copyright request.

  9. Allow 7 business days to receive all documents

  10. Contact Sulaayman if there is any issues

Form Section 

This Section is accessable to those who are current memebrs of the 100 Beat Pool Plan. Here in the subsection, members can request and register for copyrights. After you submit your information, yoou will recive an invoice via email prompting you to pay the application fee of $85 USD. Below, you can find detail information about Copyright law. Please request and procced to registration; follow the links bellow: 

  • If you do not have do not have access please contact Sulaayman to be added to the Beat Pool folder. This may occur due to order income delay, not to worry Sulaayman is on.